Betts Industries

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Betts Industries

How can you leverage amazing engineering in an already successful century old family business?

The Situation

More than a century old, Betts Industries is a strong community citizen, a revered owner in the eyes of employees and an industry leader in the tank-trailer components segment. Yet as the years have accumulated, so have the number of competitors, including Asian companies that have threatened their success. To maintain and grow its business, it’s imperative Betts Industries promote its value.

The Strategy

The engineering at Betts Industries is world-class and ingenuous—focused on delivering the greatest benefits to customers. It is not uncommon for the company to invest considerably in innovative engineering and materials to manufacture safer, longer-lasting products. To successfully promote these products and their differentiators, the brand needed to move away from the numbering system it was using to identify individual products. Instead, a unique identity for its vent system and components was needed.

The Finished Product

The 407/412 vent series was designed to answer specific industry requirements. It competed with other standard products yet had numerous technological advantages—all designed to protect the trailer operator and serve as his or her guardian. LABOV named the series the Betts GUARDIAN™ 407/412 Vent Series, which included vents, vacuum breakers and combo vents, combined into an easy-to-order kit.

The Results

Betts is the leader in the 407/412 vent series and increased its market share, expanding its footprint in the industry. The GUARDIAN™ has become a known industry term, associated with ingenuity and quality.