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Defeat the Commodity Monster Bluepaper.

Commodity creep can happen to even the best companies. Sustaining an anti-commodity mindset takes effort from every department, but it’s one worth taking. Discover key steps you can take within your organization to defeat the commodity mindset and promote your differentiation.

6 Secrets of Centenarian Companies Bluepaper.

When you consider 96% of businesses fail in the first 10 years, it’s amazing that any company would make it to 100 years and beyond. Those that do have weathered recessions, wars and pandemics. There’s a lot we can learn from them and their resiliency.

6 Insights to Build Greater Value Bluepaper.

It takes a great deal of confidence and expertise to successfully turn around acquired companies. To truly maximize the value of an acquisition, it takes identifying differentiators and listening to what customers, the sales channel and employees say about the brand.

Brand Re-Engineering™ 

LABOV Brand Re-Engineering™ is our proprietary 5-step process to re-launch and grow brands. It reveals, revitalizes and capitalizes on the greatness within a company by identifying and promoting all the things that make it great.

Distance Learning Bluepaper.

With today’s technologies, there are more ways to connect with and engage audiences remotely than ever before. Download our free whitepaper on the value of distance learning and options available to inspire.

Noise Reduction Bluepaper

Reducing the noise and maintaining full focus is more challenging today than ever before.

Manufacturer of The Future Bluepaper

Through our proprietary Brand Re-Engineering™ process, we have learned from thousands of B2B executives, employees, dealers and customers what it takes to differentiate and elevate brands.

Retailer of The Future Bluepaper

As we navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, there are learnings that can be gleaned. The auto industry has long been a key component in the engine of our economy

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