At LABOV, what you do is more than a job or hours put in.

The people who invest their time as part of our team are more than numbers or replaceable positions.



We don’t believe in:

Perfection. No one is perfect, no idea or performance is, either. We believe in inspiration, doing what we think is right. And when we fall short, we learn.

Solo. We are truly a team. If one fails, we all fail.

Walls. Any one of us may come up with the great concept, no matter what area of the company they are in or what position they have.


We are not for everyone and we’re good with that. For us, what we do is personal.

Our clients are human, we are there to help make their lives better.

We don’t punch a clock, literally and figurately (we do not track the hours our team invests). We were founded in a small city in the Midwest (Fort Wayne, Indiana), yet we work inspiring clients worldwide.

Joy for us is seeing a one of us do something great, maybe something they haven’t done before. Joy is working together and creating a concept that has never existed before. It’s challenging the norm and pushing through to do something special.


What’s it like to be part of our team? It’s being not only given an opportunity but celebrated for stepping out of your comfort zone to take a chance to learn, to create.

Let’s Jam

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