Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We have been honored to support these very worthy organizations.

Our global contributions

Barry and Carol LaBov and their foundation have contributed hundreds
of thousands of dollars to worthy causes over the years.

Make a Wish Foundation

Our creative contributions

We have donated over 10,000 hours of our time to help promote some
of the most inspiring organizations in our community.

Little River Wetlands Project

Our employee contributions

Every day, our employees give their precious time and treasures
to organizations they believe in, to make a difference.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

#SpreadGrace Campaign

During the pandemic each of our employees shared
their most inspiring message of grace.

Barry LaBov

“At the onset of the pandemic, our clients were thrust into unthinkable situations, from temporary WFH to complete shutdowns. It was inspiring to see how each of them focused not on their numbers or profits but on people—their teams, customers and communities. Rallying with them, we were one family, focusing our mutual resources, determined to not only survive, but to emerge from this stronger than ever. I will be forever grateful for that opportunity. Thank you for entrusting us to join you on this journey.”

Matt Hakey

“Our local photography community stepped up in a major way early in the pandemic. As weddings and other events were being rescheduled, photographers adjusted, substituted and creatively worked together to make sure these important events were captured.”

Pat Love

“A husband and wife from our church contracted COVID.  The husband had to be admitted to the hospital, and the wife was quarantined at home. Parishioners from our church took soup, cleaning materials and bottled water to their home.  Since they weren’t able to work, people also contributed money to help pay their bills. It was heartwarming to see this kind of support.”

Sara Chokena

“During lockdown, it was difficult to hear about all our favorite local restaurants having to close their doors to the public. My family and I decided to support a local restaurant every week by ordering carry-out. It filled our hearts (and stomachs ?) to support the people who make our community great! #supportlocal”

Harrison Swift

“All across the board, I have witnessed clients giving or adjusting their business model to provide masks and PPE to their local communities. Some even started producing hand sanitizer when national supplies were running low.”

Tamzen Meyer

“I recently read about an anonymous donor who paid off $1,000 in layaway items at a local big-box store. It’s these acts of charity—especially those that are done without the need for personal recognition—that really remind us there is good in the world.”

Sal Farias

“One of my wife’s patients mentioned that her church needed kids clothes for some of the families there. So my wife, kids and I donated nearly 15 bins of clothes and shoes, along with three bags of stuffed animals.”

Cathy Schannen

“I am inspired by the way many of our clients protected their employees from COVID in the workplace. We’ve seen some amazing efforts, many who are leading and guiding others to do the same. Not only does this protect employees and their families, it also keeps the economy moving and their customers happy.”

Pete Piekarski

“With the first COVID shutdown for dine-in service at restaurants, many companies stepped up and purchased gift cards to help them continue paying employees and keeping their businesses running. LABOV jumped in and followed suit, purchasing gift cards and weekly lunch orders from different local restaurants.”

Lori Haney

“A local Facebook Group has grown in the midst of the pandemic where patrons and owners share information about locally owned restaurants.  Places I’ve never heard of have now hit my foodie radar. The messages shared are entirely positive and done with the desire to keep these hardworking owners in business! Menus, experiences and pictures of the food are shared by individuals who simply want to let others know about an excellent place to eat. Our community really does want to come together and see these businesses succeed.”

Marcus McMillen

“After talking to our kids about the pandemic and how devastating it has been for some families, they both wanted to know how they could help. After raiding the pantry, we took a trip to the local Rescue Mission to make a food donation; our kids led the way.”