Since our founding in 1981, we have been 50% or more women-owned. We value diverse perspectives and backgrounds; therefore our leadership team, clients and supplier base are diverse and distinct.

Women, from day one of our existence, have always received equal pay and equal opportunities at LABOV.

We believe there is no room for racism or prejudice. We celebrate diversity and feel it is not only right but necessary for the best ideas and outcomes to be realized. We cannot assume one way of life or thinking is optimum; we need to learn and accept the different realities that make us unique.

Our employment policy is to include and to embrace difference. And for 40 years, we have actively supported organizations and causes that are inclusive, help grow our community and enrich people of all kinds here and abroad
(see our CSR  page for more information).

We are committed to going beyond ourselves to embrace others.


The labov DEI Learning Experience

We actively support DEI and have created our own program led by Patricia Love, a member of LABOV’s Leadership Team. As the LABOV Diversity Champion, Pat has seen her vision become reality in the LABOV DEI Learning Experience.  

“LABOV is a diverse company with people of different backgrounds. We embrace and celebrate differences in gender, race, sexual orientation and age. Our goal is to educate, inform and engage all as we grow together and speak in the language of inclusion.”

Pat Love – Diversity Champion

LABOV is ready to share our program and learnings with any company looking to do the same. Please email us at Pat will personally respond.

 In addition to our DEI commitment, we have also supported the following causes that focus on minorities here and abroad:

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