Elevating Experience

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Automotive, Case Study | 0 comments

Elevating Experience

How can you rebuild a brand relationship after years of erosion?

The Situation

Volvo cars had long been on the decline in North America after years of ownership and leadership changes. All this left the dealer body in a less-than-desirable position. Product had been aggressively discounted, reducing the brand value, dealerships turned their focus away from Volvo to other growing automotive brands. Then, when a new era emerged, focusing on upscale products and the premium market – the dealers were unprepared to represent this new position for Volvo.

The Strategy

While Volvo was known for safety, that alone was no longer enough to differentiate the brand. Additionally, dealership personnel needed a fresh, new belief in the brand if it were ever to command its premium pricing. LABOV created a nationwide tour to educate and, more importantly, motivate dealership personnel at all positions (from receptionists to dealer principals) and re-engage them with Volvo. The goal was to instill Volvo Pride within the entire dealer network.

The Finished Product

A 10-city tour of 30 total events focused on Volvo stories, technologies, the customer experience and future vision for the brand. Held at premium hotels that complemented Volvo’s high-end design, the events did not have a driving component, instead focusing on the brand rather than a particular model. Adult learning was incorporated using hands-on experiences, technology exploration and interactive team activities that created an entirely immersive experience.

The Results

Nearly 3,000 participants experienced the Volvo Pride event. The post-event survey revealed 99% of participants recommended the program and after the event, the Volvo Retail Customer Experience rating had a 1.2% monthly increase. Volvo is currently one of the three fastest growing premium brands in the U.S.