Entrepreneurial Energy and Ideation

 The Secret sauce that our clients love.


noun [U]


UK  /ˌɒn.trə.prəˈnɜː.ri.ə.lɪ.zəm/

Applying innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic good: Too much bureaucracy chokes entrepreneurialism.

It’s in our DNA at LABOV, we are entrepreneurial. We’re excited about our clients’ businesses; we see opportunities for them to grow. We use our talents, technology, and energy to do what hasn’t been done before.

Our Founder is a two-time E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year, has started and led numerous organizations, written over a dozen books, and has created and co-created literally thousands of concepts and products.

We bring entrepreneurial energy and ideation to our clients, who are often in environments that stifle that kind of thinking. They turn to us because they feel comfortable to be transparent about what they feel—yes, feel, they need for their company.

EOY Award
2-time winner

BBB Ethics Award

IN Small Biz Award

Entrepreneurialism Q&A   

Barry LaBov
Founder, CEO

Cathy Schannen
VP, Director of Accounts

Why do you think your brand of entrepreneurialism is important to clients? Our clients are brilliant, some of them I believe are geniuses. But often, they are so close to what they’re doing, that they need a trusted, fresh insight. We say it often, but that insight along with the energy we bring to it, will invigorate the enterprise, and help it achieve beyond expectations.

Is there ever tension or discomfort when injecting your entrepreneurial approach? Sure, but that’s to be expected and it also means we’re doing something or going somewhere that is new, uncharted. That discomfort usually means we are on track to do something special.

Can you describe a client who looks for this? A person who has numerous, high-level responsibilities and a small staff, yet is expected to achieve great things.

What’s the key to bringing entrepreneurial spirit to a company? Transparency. No one has all the answers or is perfect, so the best thing to do is be open about what the issues are, where things fell short last time and how we can help each other as team succeed. You have to take a chance, but it’s worth it.

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