FreightCar America

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Social Differentiation

FreightCar America

The Challenge

When FreightCar America asked us to partner with them on their LinkedIn platform, they had only a small number of followers and were posting infrequently. The company needed to elevate its social credibility and establish itself as an industry-leading manufacturer of purpose-built rail cars. That meant reinforcing the FreightCar America brand and ensuring it was clearly communicated and supported through social media. The overall goal was to increase followers, share all the differentiators that set the company apart in the industry and highlight the incredible expertise and passion of their team.


We began our relationship with FreightCar America by conducting our proprietary LABOV Brand Re-Engineering process to revitalize the brand and reveal its key differentiation. As part of our deep dive into the brand, we audited the company’s current social channels as well as examined its competitors.


After re-engineering the FreightCar brand, we developed a social strategy to help re-launch and strengthen the brand. We conducted Jam Sessions with their team to identify the key topics that should be covered in their social posts. The company had recently completed a new purpose-built railcar facility and we promoted its advanced technologies and extensive railcar capabilities through a series of LinkedIn posts. We also highlighted FreightCar’sproduct offering, expert team and brand pillars.

The Results

Within one year, FreightCar America increased its LinkedIn following to 3,879 people. We continued to increase the company’s following another 20% in the following year, taking it to 4,672 followers. Its average engagement rate per post is 5.12%, well above the LinkedIn average of 1.39%. We create and post content on FreightCar America’s LinkedIn page 4-5 times per month. Its thriving LinkedIn presence has helped elevate the brand and instill pride in its team.