Internal Branding 

Inspire and motivate the people who are most critical
to your success: your team.

Until a decade ago, the idea of inspiring and motivating your workforce to believe in your brand, product and culture was viewed most often as superfluous, unnecessary, even “soft.” No longer.

Today, whether your company is large or small, manufacturing or service, your people are of primary importance. You need them to produce the product and produce it with quality and care. You need them to know the “why” behind every move you make. They literally will make or break you. LABOV has been facilitating and designing internal branding celebrations for 20 years.



We celebrated the launch of a new product to a worldwide audience of employees and for the first time in history, revealing the new product before the rest of world could see it.

Betts Industries

Guided a century-old manufacturer to share their new branding and messaging to their three shifts in a single day.

SDI LaFarga Copperworks

Rallied a metal producer and their entire team, including ownership in other parts of the world around their new branding and mission.

Vantage Mobility

We conducted a celebration for a mobility (wheelchair) vehicle, held it at a racetrack. We asked all employees to sit in a wheelchair and experience the product as a customer would and then had surprise guests: two of their long-time customers.

Capacity Trucks

Inspired a formerly “me-too” second-rung manufacturer around their new brand, product, and service promise.

LABOV believes that you not only must rally all employees around the brand and mission,
but they need to be shared this information FIRST, before anyone else.

Are you inspired to make an extraordinary difference in your employee morale and engagement?
Our Internal Branding team will listen and share. It’ll be an inspiring conversation.

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