Knights of Compliance

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Knights of Compliance

How in the world can you motivate IS and IT professionals to want to comply?

The Situation

Harley-Davidson has IS (Information Systems) employees worldwide. With the magnitude of this global brand, it’s imperative these individuals are all on the same page, speaking the same language and protecting “the castle” that is Harley-Davidson. The company needed a way to truly engage the IS team; the result was a program that helped them understand the importance of compliance, and actually enjoy the process of compliance improvement.

The Strategy

LABOV employed gamification in the development of a web-based training program. Creating a learning environment comprised of an amazing world of castles, knights and kingdoms, the modules enabled learners to become a virtual protector of the castle—Harley-Davidson—and be knighted for completing their training.

The Finished Product

Knights of Compliance began as a single module with certification for passing and the ability to print a “certificate of knighthood.” Learners were presented with numerous challenges, expressed in the genre of knights and castles—a metaphor for their role in protecting data and privacy.

The Results

Due to its success, the Knights of Compliance program has grown to eight web-based learning modules covering a range of topics, including anti-bribery, financial controls, data privacy and securities awareness. The modules have been translated into several different languages for use by Harley-Davidson employees around the world.