labov Logo process: 

Every logo must tell a story—your story.



1. A symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc

The above is an accurate definition of most logos we see—and forget—daily. If your goal is to be a leading, inspiring brand, you cannot settle for that.

LABOV believes that every logo must tell a story—your story. It must have meaning. It is not enough for your logo image to be merely a font or something pretty or “cool.” Our logo team looks for ways to bring your brand to life.

Embody and celebrate your customer (Eldorado)

Have a hidden message—the “1” that is inside the letter “R”  (SERVA)

Illustrate your product and your where it’s made (FCA)

Modernize your previous logo  (heil before and after)

Be a message that you serve and hire from one market—the US government (or military?)

Take classic cues from your original logo (HD 1)

LABOV Logo Process—Dozens of concepts, numerous jam sessions and inspired results

Why do most logos fall short? We believe its because of the process. If you are offered only three or four less-than-inspired options, its easy to choose one and fall short. Our team travels a different path, we “jam and explore.”

We begin by sketching dozens of concepts, then share and collaborate with clients. Over a series of these sessions, we narrow down choices and finetune what will become your ultimate logo, include refining what the story is behind it, so that your team can share it with the world.

An inspiring logo can only become reality with an inspiring process. Explore our logo gallery:

Want to discuss how to bring your story to life inside your logo? Our logo team will be excited to listen and to share
(and maybe jam a little).

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