LABOV brings you the next unique insight on B2B acquisitions:

#2 Don’t let operational efficiency
destroy B2B brand differentiation.

Often B2B sales channels are seen as disengaged, slow and even antiquated. Dealers, distributors or reps may be viewed as living off the manufacturer, providing little value. While the temptation may be to eliminate the sales channel after a company is acquired, it seldom works. And just as dangerous as eliminating it, is communicating the possibility of eliminating it. That is a guarantee of lost revenue as the dealers go running to competitors. 

In most cases, it is best to re-engage the channel by raising the level of expectations and performance. An engaged sales channel can be a company’s greatest asset. LABOV can show you how. Discover more about LABOV, our proprietary Brand Re-Engineering™ process and our experience helping build value in B2B brands.

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