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# 3 Use trade name license agreement challenges
as a springboard to brand rejuvenation.

What’s in a name? The question posed by William Shakespeare in the late 1500s still resonates today. It’s the kind of question PE firms may ask themselves when facing the challenge of trade name license agreements after an acquisition is made. 
A brand or product name is often its most recognized attribute. When license agreements prohibit the continued use of a brand name after a company is acquired, it can seem like a daunting challenge. The new name, logo and story must retain the brand’s equity. Customers must continue to feel the brand they love is still alive and well.
The good news is renaming a brand can become part of an overall strategy that includes a brand re-launch—the perfect opportunity to celebrate the brand and re-engage employees, customers and the industry. The entire enterprise must buy-in and play a role in embracing and supporting the brand’s new name. Done well, it is a watershed moment that reinvigorates the brand and staff like never before. LABOV can show you how.

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