Building Greater Value in B2B Acquisitions Through Branding, Differentiation and Enterprise-wide Engagement

# 5 Communicate acquisition messages and plans to employees first.

So the deal on a B2B acquisition is done. What should be done first? Every acquisition LABOV has helped PE firms navigate has resulted in the same answer: communicate with employees. After all, without them, production stops and years of communication and experience along with it.
Those companies that dare to be different and address employee questions with transparency are more likely to see a successful transition.
It happens through two-way communication early and often. Emails, FAQs and town halls are all opportunities to listen and respond to employees. One of LABOV’s 12 Truths is: Whenever there is a lack of communication or information, people will fill that void with negativity. We can help you avoid the void and re-engage employees at your acquired B2B companies. Let us show you how.

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