Podcasts and Press Insights

Follow along as our founder and CEO, Barry LaBov, shares business insights with podcasts and publications from around the world.

Unified Brand Podcast
Listen to the latest podcast featuring our founder Barry LaBov! Barry recently talked with Chris Outlaw, a top branding expert from the UK, on his podcast The Unified Brand. They discussed the importance of differentiation in building a stand-out brand and creating a loyal audience both inside and outside of a company. Listen wherever you get your podcasts or at this link!

Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken
Our founder, Barry LaBov, was recently featured on the Amazing Business Radio podcast, talking with host and bestselling author Shep Hyken on the importance of aligning marketing messages and training to create consistent customer experiences. Listen now—available wherever you get your podcasts!

A Jam Session on the Power of Differentiation.
Join Mika and Barry LaBov for this episode of Mika Tienhaara’s See Beyond podcast! In this episode, the two jam on the power of differentiation and the need to make your company stand out against it’s competitors. This episode is available now on your favorite podcast platform, or by visiting here

Growth Igniters® Radio
Barry LaBov joins Pam and Scott Harper for this episode of the Growth Igniters Radio. Click the link to listen to this episode or find it wherever you get your podcasts!

Building a Brand.
Barry LaBov offers his insights into building a brand in this edition of tED Magazine, a monthly textbook for the electrical distribution channel.  Check out page 24, Building a Brand, in this months edition of tED Magazine


Amp Up E-Commerce.
Check out this recent tED magazine article on the rise of B2B e-commerce, which features expert insights from Barry LaBov, our Founder and CEO. He explains how approaching the e-commerce experience with the customer in mind will give B2B companies an edge in the world of e-commerce.

Check out the article!