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If you’re a private equity firm looking to maximize your portfolio investments by identifying and promoting their differentiation, turn to LABOV. Our proprietary Brand Re-engineering™ process has helped dozens of PE firms and hundreds of brands increase market share and win the hearts and minds of their people and customers.

Our Proprietary Process

LABOV Brand Re-engineering is a proprietary 5-step process to identify and promote all the things that make a company great. Many companies will do steps 1 and 4, but ONLY LABOV performs steps 2, 3 and 5.

1. Brand Assessment

Research, marketing audit and competitive analysis.

2. On-site Technical Immersion

Discovering differentiation in process, product and engineering.

3. Business Strategy

Aligning brand discovery with enterprise goals.

4. Image and Identity

Design, messaging and technology.

5. Enterprise Engagement

Celebrate and launch internally first.

Unlock hidden brand potential and amplify your ROI with LABOV Brand Re-engineering. Schedule a free consultation and start the conversation today.

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Kurt Breischaft
President, SDI

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Betts Industries

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Case Study

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