Sentient Jet

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Sentient Jet

How do you differentiate your customer experience in a sea (or sky) of sameness?

The Situation

In a premium service business, merely claiming “our people make the difference” really makes no difference…

Sentient Jet is the originator of the first jet card. The company has mastered the segment and provides cardholders with a high-touch private aviation experience. However, as that segment has grown, so have its competitors who now occupy that space—some large, but most very small companies. How can the leader and pioneer in a now over-populated segment truly leverage the expertise and extraordinary investment they have made into a sustainable competitive advantage?

The Strategy

Take the software, hardware, tribal knowledge and numerous processes that Sentient has invested in and package them as a single, seamless experience—a competitive advantage. In order to understand the Sentient experience, we had to tear it down to the bones—identifying the complex structure that makes it what it is. We learned it was far more than people—although it did include their team’s aviation expertise, customer passion and teamwork. It also included their extensive safety program, custom software, hardware and infrastructure, which featured a “safe house” back-up location in case of power outages. All of this required a significant investment by Sentient, yet these differentiators were not being presented as competitive advantages. We needed to take those key elements and effectively communicate them to cardholders (to reinforce their decision) and prospects.

The Finished Product

A whitepaper was developed about the current state of the private aviation industry and lack of a defined customer experience standard. Utilizing graphics and industry research, the story and magnitude of the Sentient experience was revealed. It named and defined the Sentient Integrated Experience Platform, the company’s process for meeting, anticipating and exceeding cardholder needs. The whitepaper was included on the company’s website, distributed via social media as well as printed. In doing so, Sentient differentiated itself and the experience it provides cardholders, as well as reinforced its position as a leader in the private aviation industry, with nothing but blue sky ahead.

The Results

Sentient Jet remains one of the top jet card providers in the world and is expanding its reach into Europe and beyond.