Steel Dynamics

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Social Differentiation

Steel Dynamics

The Challenge

Steel Dynamics (SDI) is one of America’s largest domestic steel producers. With facilities located throughout the U.S. and Mexico, the company operates steel, steel fabrication and metals recycling platforms. While they had an established presence on social media, the company did not have anyone on staff in charge of managing their sites. They needed assistance curating and developing content that would position them strongly against worldwide competitors.


We began with a discovery and assessment of SDI’s LinkedIn page, including an analysis of competitor pages. We found while the company had a good base of followers, they were not posting on a regular basis. SDI is a very innovative company with many groundbreaking products and technologies. These were not being shared on their LinkedIn page, which was a missed opportunity to connect with B2B customers and prospects.


Based on our Social Differentiation discovery and our close collaboration with the SDI team, we recommended focusing on not only the company’s key innovations and capabilities, but also its brand story. This would differentiate SDI from its competitors who shared little to no brand information on their LinkedIn pages. We began posting about the company’s core pillars, its focus on sustainability and industry awards. SDI is also all about promoting and uplifting its team members, which they have done in their social posts.

The Results

Betts is the leader in the 407/412 vent series and increased its market share, expanding its footprint in the industry. The GUARDIAN™ has become a known industry term, associated with ingenuity and quality.