The Macallan

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The Macallan

How do you engage your channel to promote your premium product in the face of significant, low-priced competition?

The Situation

You can look, but you can’t touch…
The Macallan Scotch is the most celebrated, awarded Scotch Whisky in the world. It is arguably the best and is priced accordingly. Thousands of retailers, large and small, stock the product and (due to its price) display it behind the counter or in a locked, glass case. That distance from the product was evident in the way retailers responded to inquiries about The Macallan during our mystery shopping, often stating, “The Macallan is great, but this other scotch is cheaper and just as good.”

The Strategy

To change this mindset, the brand needed to inspire the retail sales person to recommend a product that they cannot afford themselves and previously would never purchase. We conducted a LABOV Technical Immersion, analyzing every step of the whisky-making process and the resources used in producing the inimitable Macallan whiskies. It became apparent that not only is The Macallan an amazing premium brand, but its value far exceeds its pricing. Our goal was then to create a communication vehicle to reach and motivate the very people who represent the product.

The Finished Product

A learning management system (LMS) was developed to house a series of ongoing, in-depth web-based training modules created to achieve the following: 1) educate the learner on Scotch Whisky, 2) differentiate the extraordinary process used in producing The Macallan, 3) through storytelling, provide the learner with word tracks to guide them in presenting The Macallan to customers. Our technology team continues to develop new, mobile-friendly modules that can be accessed from smartphones and tablets.

The Results

To monitor the level of learner engagement, a survey was conducted. When asked if the modules increased their knowledge of The Macallan brand and its portfolio of whiskies, learners responded positively, scoring a 9.4 out of 10. The same score was received when learners were asked if the modules gave them confidence in selling and promoting The Macallan. Today, The Macallan is the crown jewel of the Edrington family of spirits and the world’s most revered Scotch Whisky. Cheers!