The Right fit

  When it comes to new clients, we look for the right fit.

Our ideal clients are:



Looking for new thinking and want to challenge the status quo.



Ready to collaborate and jam with our team to develop one-of-a-kind solutions.


Not expecting perfection (in themselves or us), but open to a partnership that grows and achieves the best outcomes.


Understand we’ll never know more about their field or industry and appreciate the unique expertise and knowledge our agency brings.


Looking for bold, fruitful, transparent relationships as opposed to a client-vendor transaction.

A poor fit for LABOV is…

a client feels they have it figured out and needs a company to primarily execute. We are not an execution firm; we are original thinkers.


If a client feels the best way to work is to have numerous competitive firms provide free creative ideas in order to be chosen. We believe our time is better spent creating innovative ideas for our loyal clients who view us as partners. 


When the client has a complex consensus-based approval process that is not inclusive. In our work with organizations large and small, we have realized that to do amazing, creative work, we need direct feedback from decision makers. Anything less creates distractions and ultimately leads to poor performance.


A client looking primarily for the lowest price. There are so many variables and opportunities in every challenge that to reduce creativity down to the lowest price is not fruitful. We provide more value than what we charge for which… is why our clients are loyal. 


A client that expects perfection. Part of the creative process is exploring, experimenting and trying new things. Sometimes that will lead to temporary failures. Those are necessary to grow and discover unique solutions that drive success.

Let’s Jam

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