labov training lab: 

Educating, entertaining and engaging people to represent and believe in your brand and offerings.



1. The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior

The above definition, while accurate, is not sufficient for today’s learner. LABOV believes that training must have meaning, must be inspiring and must energize the learner.

Today’s learner deserves to know the “why” behind a product and “how” the brand or offering will help others. If they then truly believe, they will share the story with the world and do what they can to protect it (for example, ensuring quality standards are met). The LABOV Training Team has:



Created “gamified” training for IS employees to inspire them to protect their “castle,” resulting in the program expanding to thousands of employees worldwide.

The Macallan Academy

Produced a LMS (learning management system) for a worldwide brand, creating nearly 100 separate modules on their product, process and people.

Carrier Totaline

Designed an app that trains the salesperson on what new customer prospecting opportunities they are “leaving on the table” and guides them on how to capitalize on them.


Created an in-person, timed team competition for sales and service professionals to test their knowledge of technology in newly released products.

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