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How can you stand out in a highly targeted segment and provide value to differentiate your offering?

The Situation

UPS has long been known as that great brown truck company that delivers packages to homes and businesses. However, the company wanted to carve out a niche in a more sophisticated segment, healthcare. To succeed, they had to show their robust expertise in not only delivery, but logistics, business savvy, technology and customer experience. To do that, they needed to convey this value to healthcare decision-makers.

The Strategy

UPS invested in a research project titled Pain in the Chain that delivered insights into the needs of today’s healthcare professionals and the industry’s supply chain challenges. This research, while valuable, needed to be accessible and communicate the healthcare shipping and logistics capabilities of UPS. Together with LABOV, a strategy for communicating the results of the Pain in the Chain survey was developed.

The Finished Product

A visually appealing, interactive PDF was created that provided an in-depth, yet engaging presentation of the Pain in the Chain survey results. The content-driven PDF included custom-designed infographics based on the data provided and links to videos that further illustrated the results. A top navigation bar allowed healthcare executives to easily navigate throughout the document.

The Results

UPS has positioned itself as a leader in healthcare logistics and continues to expand its presence in the industry. Healthcare executives around the world have turned to the Pain in the Chain survey to gauge trends and challenges in their industry. UPS is not only a global provider of healthcare shipping and logistics solutions, but also viewed as a thought leader by healthcare executives.