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noun: jam session

1. An instance of a machine or thing seizing or becoming stuck. “paper jams” or short for traffic jam.

2. An awkward situation or predicament.
“I’m in a jam

3. An informal gathering of people creating together, especially in jazz, rock or blues music or at LABOV creating business ideas. (especially in dance or urban music) a song or track. “an ultra catchy jam, driven by the drums but given substance by the interjection of horns”

LABOV is known for jamming. Every day, in dozens of configurations in locations all over, virtual and in-person, we jam. We jam to create, to explore, to learn, to push and to achieve what has been created before. For our clients, for each other. What other company, in any profession, touts that it “jams?”

Jamming™ Q&A from the LABOV Jam Team  

Barry LaBov

Barry LaBov

Founder, CEO

Marcus McMillen

Marcus McMillen

VP Creative, Partner

How did LABOV start jamming? I’m a former rock band musician. I like to say my songs “sold well under one million copies.” Over the years, I worked and played with amazing musicians, jamming and creating hundreds of songs. I brought that with me to our company and shared it with our team and clients. It’s the best way I know to create. Click here to see Barry’s music video. 

What makes a great jam? That’s easy—listening. You must listen to what others are saying and thinking.
Then, you build off that, pushing the boundaries, while others are listening to you. This creates a fertile
environment for creativity.

How do you know if a jam is working? If you lose track of time, if you feel energized, excited—all of those emotions tell you something special is taking place.

Do all jams work? No, they don’t. That’s part of the magic—you enter a jam not knowing what may take place. Sometimes, it’s a dud and you move on to jam another time. You must be open-minded and let go of pre-conceived notions.

Does LABOV jam with clients? All the time. We’ve conducted jams where we brought in musical instruments and musicians and had the clients help create songs to experience how that happens. They then applied that to create ideas for their business.

What’s the one thing people don’t realize about jamming? Many great ideas start off as accidents or mistakes. In music, it’s when your fingers hit the “wrong” notes on the piano, but it sounds incredible. In business jams, it’s when you use a phrase differently than ever before or accidentally combine words or concepts and all of a sudden realize you just discovered something amazing.

What to jam? Our jam team will be ready to listen and bounce ideas off you—on any topic. Who knows what may happen?

Let's Jam