Weaber Lumber

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Social Differentiation

Weaber Lumber

The Challenge

Weaber Lumber, one of the nation’s leading hardwood lumber manufacturers, has been a family-owned company for over 80 years. When the company decided to expand into the consumer space with an environmentally friendly Weathered Wall Board, they needed to raise consumer awareness. With social media being a leading outlet for sharing interior design/décor projects, Weaber knew this was the best avenue for spreading the word about their new product.


Following our Social Differentiation process, we conducted a discovery, as well as social and competitive audits to set a baseline for Weaber’s current social media efforts. This included reviewing social channels for number of posts per month, number of followers and engagement. We also evaluated current assets and competitor channels.


Applying the learnings from our discovery process, we developed a social strategy that included a brand rep promotion. We searched for do-it-yourself enthusiasts who could use their established social platforms to promote Weaber. Over a two-month period, ten brand reps received boxes of Weathered Wall Boards to use in their own projects. They tagged Weaber in their posts to drive awareness.

We also led a grassroots social strategy on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to complement this strategy, creating original interior designs, photographing them and creating posts. Through daily/weekly comments, we drove new customers to purchase the product directly at Weaber Lumber’s largest distributor, Home Depot. We also ran periodic contests for customers to win free product.

The Results

Sales of the Weathered Wall Boards grew exponentially to the point where the company couldn’t keep up with the number of orders. Weaber grew its Instagram following from 8 to 8,800 in just 9 months. Today, the company has 29,500 followers and its Weathered Wall Boards continue to be one of the brand’s most successful products.